We plan, design, build, test, implement and seamlessly integrate applications across the enterprise. We are laser focused on defect prevention and quality. We stick like glue to time lines and budgets.
We have expertise in a wide variety of programming languages and environments, including some very obscure systems.
In today's modern enterprise, IT organizations must move faster without compromising on business innovation. DevOps has become a key approach for IT to both maximize agility and meet the demands of the end user.  Effective use of automation is a critical success factor.


Rely on Cozy Systems throughout the entire maintenance life cycle of existing IT applications. We offer 24/7 support for applications, systems and databases helping you to boost productivity and minimize downtime. We provide all levels of support services for proprietary and off-the-shelf applications delivering app stabilization, bug fixes, upgrades, patches, tune-ups and on-going enhancements.


Our approach to application migration is highly structured. The mission is to ensure reliability, maintain integrity, minimize risk and maximize efficiency. We are experienced in all major technologies and architectures across multiple platforms. Critical applications are moved seamlessly with minimal downtime at fixed cost. Security is paramount with disaster recovery systems built into every environment. Schedules are sacrosanct and your applications are ported only after every step in the plan of action has been addressed